The Perpetual Order of Old People


Something different this time … a fictional tale wrapped around the real-world adventures of some truly inspirational people. It is my way of helping to share their stories.

Jack Brouder now understands that retirement can be a double-edged sword. He has earned the right to relax but a lifelong aversion to personal commitment has left him lonely and afraid of what the future holds in store. The road forks ahead and neither path leads to a happy ending.

Long, contemplative walks help him escape the boredom and isolation that define his new life, and when a harsh New England winter forces him indoors he seeks the shelter and solace of a local shopping mall. There he encounters a group of retirees who meet each day for coffee. They invite him into their fold and share their tales of daring and drama, of mishaps and misfortunes, of lessons learned and rewards reaped. Through their collective wit and wisdom he comes to appreciate the truth in what a special someone once told him – that life was meant to be shared. After years of searching for all the right answers the only question remaining for Jack is whether it’s too late to start over.

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